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“Two Wheels Training” is dedicated solely to the art of motorcycle training. At Two Wheels Training, we cater for all ages and abilities, but like to pride ourselves on the basics. Our key goal is to provide an honest service in a safe and friendly environment so that everybody has the chance to learn the basics or even improve what you already know. We will provide a steady platform knowing that you will be safe and ready for the road as soon as you have your certificate.

In brief, we are a motorcycling driving school, specialising in one-to-one quality training for all levels of experienced and inexperienced drivers and of course of all ages.

Riding a motorcycle can be one of the most enjoyable things you will ever undertake. However, learning to ride correctly and of course safely will make the experience feel all the more special. I personally cover over 25,000 kms per year, and I can honestly say, I still get a buzz every time I swing my leg over the seat, irrelevant of what weather the sky throws at us!! Every mile can be enjoyed with the right mentality and the correct skill and training. At Two Wheels Training you will be thought to the highest of standards. You will be given every possibility to achieve the same level of enjoyment that motorcycling has brought to me! There will be no corners cut. If you are having trouble grasping a particular module, we’ll stick at it until all involved are satisfied with the level achieved.

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