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IBT Explained

Motorcycle IBT is a training course for learner motorcyclists. It gives new riders a strong foundation of training on which they can build their knowledge and skills.

The purpose of IBT is to save lives by maximising the safety of inexperienced riders.  20 motorcyclists are killed or injured on Irish roads each week. * Irrespective of who is at fault the motorcyclists will more than likely suffer worst in a collision with another vehicle. *National Roads Authority

Expense? Please remember, you are getting 16 to 18 hours of professional tuition.

Top Tip: Whoever you complete your IBT with, make sure to learn as much as possible, ask as many questions and get as many miles out of it as you can. Do not complete it with just getting your Certificate in mind. Even experienced and advanced drivers such as myself undertake an exam every three years with training to ensure our level of driving is improving all the time. Even Valentino Rossi gets better each year!! Why? Because he is constantly learning!

You must successfully complete each module before moving onto the next and completing the course. If you have difficulties with a particular module, you can repeat it until you reach the necessary standard.

Full details of each module can be found HERE

The Modules in brief


Module 1

Module 1 focuses on theory and practical skills and will take place in the classroom and the off-road training area. It will take at least three hours.


Module 2

Module 2 focuses on practical skills and will take place solely in the off-road training area. It will be the first time in the training programme that you will ride your motorcycle. This module will take at least five hours to complete.


Module 3

Module 3 focuses on theory and practical skills and will take place in the classroom and the off-road training area. It will take at least two hours to complete.


Module 4

Module 4 takes place on the road. Your instructor will use a radio head-set to keep in contact with you during this module. He/She will provide the radio equipment but you may need to provide your own PPE. Check with your instructor for more details. This module will take at least six hours to complete.


Module 5

Module 5 or The Progression module is a repeat of Modules 2 and 4 as well as some additional topics. If you are upgrading your vehicle, i.e. to a more powerful bike or from an automatic to a manual, you can complete this module to get the necessary training without having to go through the whole IBT programme again. You will need to give details of your previous IBT to your instructor before completing the Progression module. For direct access purposes to Category ‘A’ or ‘A2’ motorcycles, you will need 13 hours to complete this module. Where IBT has already been completed and you are availing of ‘Progressive Access’ then you will need 11 hours to complete this module.

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